About me

Hi, I’m Louie.

I’m a cat-whispering nature-enthusiast who loves Animation, comics, dnd and basically anything fantasy…

I started off drawing when I was 6 after being inspired by Bill Watterson’s ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. My family introduced me to Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” saga and the 'Conan' series by Robert E Howard. While in elementary school I began making comics for my class newspaper featuring the fantasy and superhero alter egos of me and my siblings, and last year I began self-publishing a web comic, Rose Guardians, about two brothers swept up in a war between goblins and men.

In between drawing and writing, I teach art to middle-school kids and take as many opportunities as I can to learn and get better. My ultimate goal is to gain a position in the animation industry, working with other talented artists to tell great stories.